An Invitation

Hello, blogosphere.

Consider this post an invitation. I’d like you to join me on a journey.*

*No, this is not an infomercial for a weight loss program. Please excuse the banal introduction and hang in there with me.

Beginning September 1st, I will be writing a thank you letter a day for one year.

365 in total, since 2015 is not a leap year. Some will be addressed to the remarkable people in my life. Those I plan to write by hand, and will include some excerpts or pertinent information. Other notes may be posted here in full, to be offered to those who do not have an exact mailing address. (I anticipate that, at some point, I will want to address the Universe, God, fall weather, some really thorough barista, or Ryan Gosling.) Those notes I plan to write on here, to share with you, with the hope that they are delivered in their own way.

At this point, you’re most likely wondering what got me here, and in full disclosure, I am too. For now, suffice to say, I am in need of focusing on gratitude.

I call this blog Project Thankful Heart because it is my goal to examine my life for sources of magic. Perhaps by acknowledging them in writing, I might celebrate the extraordinary in the every day.

I invite you to read along, write a thank-you note with me, share with me the things that bring you happiness. In my experience, we are all doing the very best we can – why not help each other out?

Until next time,