No. 333: The Parent Who Said I Make a Difference. 

My work email is traditionally lighter during the summer. I get fewer emails from parents, listservs, colleagues. When I do receive an email, it’s always of note.

Today I received an email with the subject line along the lines of “I read this today and thought of all of you” from a parent. I adore his daughter: she is bright, energetic, and has grown so much during the year.

Which is why the title of the article made my heart sink: “I Don’t Think Teachers Know What They’re Doing.” It was a gut reaction, searching for any justification for such an email.

That is, until I read it. The article praises teachers, for their self-sacrifice, their dedication and comforting. It brought tears to my eyes. Here we are, months out of the school year on either side, and I am thought of in such a positive light.

Dear parent,

I am dedicated to your child. The sacrifice comes easily with her hugs, her insightful connections, her moments of beautiful compassion.   I am the lucky one to be her teacher.

Yours truly,

Miss Kosyla

No. 332: Organization.

As my trip to Scotland draws closer, (it can’t be Saturday, can it!?) I am getting even more of my preparations out of the way.

Today I created two beautiful binders for myself and Jan full of itineraries, contingency plans, photocopies of paperwork… Things that hopefully that we will not need for the most part, but it gives me the peace of mind to know that if we do, it will be right there.

No. 331: Stranger with the Umbrella.

I was leaving a store yesterday when I found a small group of people standing under the awning. The skies had opened and there was no way any of us would make it outside without looking like we’d just taken a swim.

I had made a comment to several people around me about wanting to wait out the rain.

One woman to my right asked where my car was, and I pointed to a nearby aisle. She had her umbrella opened, and replied without thinking, “need me to take you there?”

I explained that I was just hoping it would die down, that I had my own, but I was so thankful that this stranger thought of me standing there in my flip flops. It’s cheesy, I know, but suddenly my rainy day seemed a little bit sunnier.

No. 329: The Voters.

I thanked the audience a few weeks ago: those who nominated me for two Kelsey Theater awards, Outstanding Debut and Outstanding Supporting Actress.

Saturday I had another group to thank: the voters. I won!

Not only did I assume no one said speeches at these things; but I also wrongly assumed there was zero chance I was walking away with an award. So I bounced onto stage and announced “Hi! I’m really excited to be here!”

Eloquent speech chance lost.

However fast and silly, my speech was true. I thanked our wonderful creative team, cast, and crew. I gave a shout out to my parents who have driven me to and from more rehearsals than I could ever count. And the theatre which so graciously welcomed me in.

Much more honest than “I’d like to thank the academy,” wouldn’t you say?