No. 190: Anew Life Yoga (&Mike &Jen).

It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures to see your friends fully realize one of their dreams. Today, I got to see Mike and Jen live theirs.

I met them at a small group assist after starting at Honor Yoga. Through attending classes, I got to know Mike and Jen. From powering through heated classes together, to enjoying some sushi a few doors down, to seeing Jen’s lovely daughter get married this past year, it has been a privilege to become their friends.

When they went away on a yoga retreat last year, I saw a switch in Mike. He shared that his practice became more about the spiritual and not only focused on the workout factor. And when he joined teacher training, I was overjoyed to see him come into class glowing. When he shared his plans to open his own studio, I knew it would be uniquely Mike and totally magical.

From the moment I walked in, I knew I was right. From the decor in the lobby to beautiful and whimsical light fixtures, it was clearly designed and decorated with great attention to detail. The studio spaces are beautiful and just the right size for an intimate yet active asana practice. I also appreciate the meditation room, which is secluded enough to allow for a more immersive experience. It’s clear that Anew was designed for the yogi with any practice level, from beginner to seasoned practitioner. 

Jen and Mike have crafted a beautiful sanctuary. I am so blessed to be welcomed into its doors!


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