Nos. 193 – 206: Spring Break.

I have been on spring break these past two weeks, and while I was off finding things to be grateful for and savoring them in real time, I had not updated the blog. So here’s a collection of all I’ve appreciated in the past 13 days:

193. Sleeping in late.

194. Broadchurch, the BBC series on Netflix that features David Tenant and some pretty rocking storylines.

195. A bowl of warm oatmeal on a cold day, complete with cranberries, walnuts, and cinnamon.

196. Safe flights and the airline workers that make it occasionally funny (by doing things such as playing “Highway to the Danger Zone” upon take off.

197. School Bread at Norway in Epcot.

198. Holding my best friend’s beautiful baby girl, a mere 20 hours after she was born, and knowing that she will see so many beautiful, wonderful things.

199. The super kind gentleman who held my coffee for me as I was in line for Frozen Ever After.

200. Lunch with friends whom I have not seen since their wedding – and meeting their beautiful baby boy.

201. Self care, in the form of a massage and a restorative aerial yoga class.

202. Getting to stay home while I have a cold over break to pump myself full of essential oils, apple cider vinegar, and tea.

203. A yoga practice which challenges and inspires you.

204. Trips to the fabric store and the creative projects they jumpstart.

205. Easy craft ideas that take less than an hour to make but have a big impact.

206. A beautiful hike through the snow and mud to find the sunshine. Both literally, and metaphorically.


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