Birthday Project

Two years ago, I read a blog post by Robyn Bomar detailing how she spent her 38th birthday performing 38 random acts of kindness. She has since started a website, The Birthday Project, to encourage others to spend their birthdays and other milestone dates by giving back to others.

Here is my 2013 list. Keep in mind I was living in New York at the time, but I hope it inspires you to do the same on your next big day.

Birthday Project

  1. Recycle hoards of plastic bags.
  2. Mail a thank you card. (Note: Prophetic, huh?)
  3. Mail a thinking of you card to a stranger (family member of a friend).
  4. Mail a get well card. (Note: This evolved into a long-standing pen pal in another state.)
  5. Make a bird feeder for fire escape.
  6. Pay for next customer at a local coffee shop.
  7. Tip extravagantly.
  8. Leave a thank you note for the mail carrier.
  9. Tape a “have a great day!” sign to the door of my building.
  10. Pay for toys in a vending machine and leave them for the next curious customer.
  11. Donate clothing at HousingWorks.
  12. Donate books to local New York Public Library branch.
  13. Donate old glasses at Lenscrafters.
  14. “Adopt” a plant to care for.
  15. Attend students’ school fair.
  16. Leave bottles of bubbles at the park.
  17. Give dog treats to owners at the Dog Run in Washington Square Park.
  18. Give Clif bars to man in need.
  19. Leave a glowing piece of customer service feedback with a manager.
  20. Give money to street performers.
  21. Share gift cards to UBER.
  22. Buy favors to surprise a friend for his birthday.
  23. Leave Operation Beautiful notes in the pages of fashion magazines at CVS.
  24. Donate to Broadway Cares.

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