No. 188: Catching Up.

I may be in my pajamas, on the couch, with no plans of moving anytime soon.

But I just caught up on all of those blog posts I missed when I was out living life and celebrating gratitude in the moment, and this afternoon I’m going to whip out my Passion Planner and get my week in order.

Sundays. Aren’t they delightful?

No. 184: Lent.

In the past, for Lent, I’ve given a lot of things up: chocolate, animal products, dessert.

This year, I’m taking on the hardest challenge for me at this present moment: negative self talk.

So often I find the track in my head is saying things like, “well that was a stupid thing to do. How did you think this was going to turn out?” or “of course that happened, because you’re not smart/fast/funny/talented/enough.”

It’s time to change the track. Because I would never say any of those things to a friend, student, stranger, or even those that have wronged me. What if I assume that I’m already enough, and go from there? How much more can I accomplish? How much more can I give?

I’m ready to be transformed.

No. 183: Returning.

I returned to the circus after six months off, and I could not have had a more fun return. Hopping back on the lyra, working on my juggling skills, and even learning how to flip in the fabric – it was a blast. The fear of not knowing how to do things didn’t creep back in, and it was just about trusting and letting go.

So much so, that I was able to do this. Ta da!